Yes, I encourage phone use during church.

Avenue Design Studios has recently begun consulting with Discovery Christian Church on a social media outreach program. Two Sundays ago, I sat in the contemporary worship service thinking of ways that the church could communicate beyond the pulpit. As a congregant, my favorite use of social media for church would be to use social media in church — I frequently write down meaningful verses or quotes on the back of the Sunday program which would be perfect to share online.

But is it okay to tweet in church? Churchgoers are more likely to tweet a message live, but how do pastors feel about their congregants using cell phones during the sermon? I looked for a precedent online, and read Anthony Coppedge‘s e-book The Reason Your Church Must Twitter, but the book didn’t deal with the issue.

So I proposed the idea to Ryan Phipps, the campus pastor, and found that it wasn’t an issue. I wrote a statement that I suggested including in the Sunday program, and today Ryan surprised me by tweeting a pic of the printed statement — preceded by a headline that clearly answers my question:

yes, we encourage phone use during the service