I just finished up some work and managed my inbox down to 0, and I’m feeling a little low on energy. I went down to the hospital cafeteria to get a green tea, since I don’t like to drink coffee while G is in the hospital, but picked up the more expensive Odwalla Superfood™ instead. Why? Because I’m not sure that even the small amount of caffeine in green tea is what I need right now, but I can use some antioxidants, vitamin C and other nutrients. Can’t we all?

I also grabbed the Superfood because I’ve had one before, and I can’t remember when. There may have been a story involved, and I’m waiting to recall it. If I can’t, this post may go nowhere. I can’t think in this waiting room anyway; I’m going to go for a walk to get away from the crying, germy baby…

…I remember. I had a bottle of this stuff when I was recovering from food poisoning, and I didn’t feel like eating. I was working from the Lawrenceville Crazy Mocha with Justin Kownacki, and there is no story involved.

My walk took me to the chapel, where I’ve gone before at times like this.

It’s very quiet, and always empty. This is a solemn place from which to blog. I prayed, I read, I listened, and I waited; these are the things to do here. I prayed for G, who has been having a difficult time today, physically and emotionally. I prayed that he does the same, because I don’t have the answers that he’s waiting for.

Part of me thinks I should go to Church, and another part of me doesn’t agree with formal religion. I think both parts are waiting for each other…