TV Party

G is feeling much better today, after his headache that lasted over two days finally ended with this morning’s plasmapheresis. Tonight, Norman Jeanne visited us in the hospital to watch Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles, a Monday-night tradition of ours. In fact, we’ve had the television on a lot today, although G normally doesn’t like to watch TV in the hospital. At home, he likes to relax to television after work, fall asleep to it at night, and keeps it on in the background more often than not.

But not in the hospital. I would think it would be the perfect distraction, a comfort to make his stay feel more like home, but he feels very differently. I’ve asked him about it a few times, and he’s explained that watching TV in here reminds him of home and the outside world, and the freedoms that he normally enjoys. Rather than being a distraction from his situation, the very time-constrained nature of television promotes awareness of time passing in 30-minute increments.

I try to understand, but I’m not sure if I would feel the same way in his situation. What I am sure of is that if I was the patient, I’d still be laying here in this hospital, typing on this MacBook, and probably bitching on this blog.