This is not very interesting unless you’re looking for a recommendation on sport headphones. I also bottled wine.

I was looking at sport headphones recently, but I hadn’t made a decision. A day or two later, I got an email from Google Offers for $24 for Sport-Fi S6 In-Ear Headphones ($60 value). The colors are perfect for G, so I decided to try out the offer and give them to him if I liked them. I would then order a similar pair for myself.

I was most interested in the armband and smaller cable, so I could listen to music without getting my headphones snagged on a barbell. They arrived today, and I tried them out during a chest workout. I positioned the armband on my lower bicep while flexing, and turned it inward as far as I could without restricting elbow flexibility. This position allowed me to flex my arm comfortably and access my phone easily. Think Win-Win.

After choosing from six sets of eartips, the headphones stayed in without a problem, and the short cable gave just enough slack to use my phone comfortably. My only feature request is the ability to use my phone while it’s strapped in, especially for the timer function — since I’m wearing noise-isolating headphones, it doesn’t make much sense to use a watch. I’ll probably buy another armband separately and give the S6 to G, then buy the MEElectronics M6P Sports Earphones w/Microphone (Black) for myself.