The food, booze and fire were better than I expected.

Yesterday, Jami Broom, my favorite internet marketer in Pittsburgh, invited me to Kelly-Strayhorn Theater’s Full Bloom Summer Dance Party. If you’ve ever seen me dance, well you are probably lying. So I was skeptical that I would not be incredibly uncomfortable at the event, but it ended up being much better than I expected.

I expected all the hummus, but I did not expect the grilled Spanish octopus and chorizo salad from Casbah. The Toffee Taboo was so good that I took their card and haven’t thrown it out. I expected good wines, but the microbrew from East End Brewing got my attention. And yes, I expected fire, but not great balls of it.

Kate Guerriero covered Full Bloom 2011 in her Fanfare column. Read it before you go next summer.

I did have to leave early, before the dancing but also because a friend was having her annual backyard bash. She told me it was a big deal, but I didn’t expect the full bars of tacos and booze. The bartender suggested lemonade to mix with the sweet tea vodka, and I tipped her for being a genius. And the fire? Yes, there was fire. It kept the mosquitoes away while we enjoyed the band. It did not keep the cops away.