Symmetrical AWD is a good idea in the city that invented the word “slippy.”

The best part of my day was playing in the snow with Janet. I had promised her that we would have a snowball fight the next time it snowed, and I kept my word. She’s learned not to chase snowballs into the snow, so I just throw them at her, or up in the air. She catches them and eats them. I hope she never tires of this game, even though I do.

After I had made snowballs of the snow on the Forester, I finally got a chance to really experience Subaru Symmetrical All-Wheel Drive. We’ve enjoyed having the Forester on camping trips, but I’ve been waiting for a good snowstorm since we bought it almost two years ago. Today’s fluffy snowfall was no Snowmageddon, but the streets were enough of a mess for me to enjoy not worrying about it.