Some of you were pretty drunk last night, so this is what happened.

After gambling at the church fair, Andrea & I went to get waffles & ice cream at Dave English’s last episode as host of The Unemployment Show. We ran into Jia, which is considered good luck in China. We ate quickly under the hot Food Network lights as they shot close-ups of us that made me feel objectified, then took off because we both felt that the furry wolf waiter was done with us.

We walked the wrong way around the block because I decided to walk in that direction, and ran into some of my fraternity brothers. If you were there, you may not remember it. We walked back the other way.

We had been trying to find the Woozles all night and in fact I left out the part where we sat on their porch texting them, but eventually ended up at a bar in Lawrenceville. This bar is mostly for ladies but there were plenty of men there during Pride, and Woozle thought that he could get more numbers than me. I explained that I would probably get in more trouble for getting numbers at a gay bar, then I stole his seat.

Andrea was getting tired, so we left before we had to bop our way home.