Let’s pretend I post every day.

It was already too late last night when I got back from SCIT, and I still had to stabilize and clear my pinot grigio. Since I had a 7:30 a.m. meeting downtown, you’ll forgive me for not posting about any of that.

Tonight after a fraternity alumni event, I went to PHI with Uncle Nick and Fastboy. I might sleep through studio tomorrow.

To the best of my knowledge, I drank the following Italian wines tonight:

  • Cantina Di Sorbara Lambrusco di Sorbara 2010
  • Prosecco Treviso Extry Dry DOC 2010
  • Le Macine Pinot Grigio IGT 2009
  • San Felo Il Viaggio IGT 2010
  • San Felo Le Stoppie Vermentino 2010
  • San Felo Frosal Maremma Toscana 2010

Carnivores, look forward to a new restaurant on Pittsburgh’s South Side named “Truth” which opens on Friday. Herbivores, the fried risotto balls are delicious. Truth.

The linen & leather closet came in handy.

Remember how I’ve been saying that I don’t need a real bed because I can just sleep on the inflatable bed or the couch? Well I got that bed. G finally tricked me into going to “look at mattresses,” and it turns out that a twin size mattress and box spring fit inside a Subaru Forester pretty easily with free tie-down service.

Truth be told, I’m pretty excited about sleeping on a bed that doesn’t need to be inflated, and is wide enough for both of my arms. Oh, and the leatherware in the closet are my shoes, belts, wallet and business card holder. Sorry to disappoint anyone who found this page through search.

I wrote an essay.

If you’re cool enough to know that zines aren’t dead, you may want to check out the Brooklyn Zine Fest at the Public Assembly on April 15. If you’re not that cool, do your taxes instead.

Brooklyn Zine Fest 2012 Poster

I’m very proud of my brother and Kseniya for co-organizing this event, even if I’ll be too busy doing taxes to attend. But if you can’t attend, you should still buy their zine. Each issue of I Love Bad Movies is themed, and this issue’s theme is “Early & Late Roles” or “Before & After They Were Famous.” I LOVE BAD MOVIES Vol. 5 is available on Etsy for $5.00, and it’s worth the price even if you just read the lead essay!


I wrote the lead essay. You’re probably thinking that I wrote about Sylvester Stallone, but you’re way off. I wrote about Arnold Schwarzenneger. And seriously you guys, I had to watch Hercules in New York ALL THE WAY THROUGH, often rewinding to watch scenes during which I had zoned out, in order to write this review. So even if you think I’m probably going to give you a free copy, support the arts people.

Repin Like

I don’t pin much myself, but lately I’ve enjoyed browsing Pinterest more than Facebook. I ignore most of the cute empty carbs, and scan for what inspires me. A lot of it is cliché, but it reminds me of those cliché days in college when I was inspired more than sarcastic. Like when I first started getting high, and would sneak away from whatever was on BET to watch Easy Rider in my room.