Optimistic Discharged Composition

Since his fever and headache are gone, and his blood cultures show no signs of infection, G was discharged from the hospital today. The nurses were sad to see him go, but this isn’t our first return home from a hospital stay, and may not be our last.

That may have read as pessimism, but we’re both feeling very optimistic today, for several reasons — a few seconds ago, Twitter erupted with the news that Barack Obama swept the 2008 Presidential Election. I’m hopeful for Obama’s presidency, but I’m never optimistic about politicians.

My real friends give me real hope.

DJ Lunchbox messaged me yesterday, asking if it would be cool if he were to visit G in the hospital today. Well, since we were discharged before Lunchbox got out of work, he came to our house instead. And since we were all hungry, the fridge was empty and my car battery is dead, he drove us to two supermarkets to do what will be the bulk of our grocery shopping for the month.

Lunchbox has actually done this once before, and then even cooked us dinner with the groceries. Today being Tuesday, he had to run to make the 8:00 live taping of the Wrestling Mayhem Show, so all he got was a ham sandwich on the go. Sure the guy is appropriately named to contain ham sandwiches, but his kind of friendship deserves something more substantial. He’ll take a rain check on the meal, but I thought it might be appropriate to end today’s post with a composition from his blog, Thoughtful Riot:

Good morning Captain
Glad to see your still with us
Stay on your feet sir