NaBloPoMo Moderation Regurgitation

Earlier today, Norman Huelsman wrote a post asking about NaBloPoMo. I answered, but he still hasn’t approved my comment. I don’t understand why Mr. Dirby would moderate comments, but then I also don’t understand why he drives a truck and dates women. I’m cross-posting my comment on my blog, since you can’t see it on his:

I posted every day for the first week of NaBloPoMo, because I wanted to have a few posts up before I told anyone about my blog. It was harder than I thought because I refused to “cheat”, and forced myself to write posts that I was proud of.

Normally I would only post when I have a specific topic to cover (I keep a list for my personal blog and Shopping Bloomfield), but participating in NaBloPoMo required me to leave that comfort zone.

Towards the end of the week, I started posting later and later — I published one minute before midnight on Thursday, and Friday’s post didn’t go up until Saturday morning. I gave up on Saturday because blogging was taking too much time every day, but on Sunday I realized that posting to The G Spod counts. I posted to Shopping Bloomfield on Monday and Tuesday, so I’ve only missed one day of NaBloPoMo. I’ll probably write a personal post today.

I think that most bloggers should post more often, so NaBloPoMo is a fun source of extrinsic motivation. However, some bloggers may write subpar posts just to keep up, and that can weaken a blog. I wouldn’t do NaBloPoMo just to do it.