It was a green Sabbath.

G made tomato soup to can while I picked more tomatoes. I had to get more PBR for the slug traps, since we’re growing everbearing strawberries this year. I found some squash bug eggs while spraying powdery mildew with a milk solution; I’ll take care of those tomorrow with duct tape. I’m going to move the cilantro under the kale, where I think it will grow better.

We need more stones for a retaining wall we’re building, and since it’s more fun to find them than to buy them, we took the Forester on a hike. Some of the stones we found have remnants of concrete from past use in a retaining wall, so we’re also reusing building materials. Our hike along the Three Rivers Heritage Trail was so nice that I figured there must be geocaches nearby. We found Everything But the Kitchen Sink as an impromptu hunt along the way.


We’re not sure how many more stones we need, but we need some bigger rocks for the steps up to the garden and the pool. We may end up buying those, but I’d rather hike them out of the woods as part of a training montage.

After we got back home, I went to see a Dan about a horse, and he handed me enough PS3 games to last me several Christmases. Geek neighbors are the best, I’m telling you.