Hello Girl!

What are you gonna do on a personal blog, John?

Lyrique Tragedy

The term “personal blog” is significant in that question, in that I’m not sure if a personal blog should have a focus. True but unsatisfactory answers might be “whatever the hell I want” and “I’m not sure”, but a better guess would be that this blog will fill in the blanks not covered by other blogs that I author, edit or co-produce. For example, a 15-second video of my dogs that I shot yesterday probably doesn’t belong on any blog, so I’ll post it here.

I was on the phone with my mother when I noticed Janet (the black dog) staring at a bulge in the side of the couch. Since the bulge was moving slightly, I realized that it was my other dog who had somehow and for whatever reason gone underneath the slipcover. I grabbed my Flip Video and caught some footage for Grandma:

YouTube Preview Image