Creating a Pic Workflow with John C. Simpson

One week ago, we launched as the home base for the beauty industry icon for whom the domain was named. We had previously redirected the domain to John’s MySpace page, where he still connects with clients, colleagues and fans, but he was fast outgrowing that outpost. John’s new site brings together his blog, press mentions, a budding FAQ of beauty tips called “What Would John Simpson Do”, and his photos.

It is photos that I am going to focus on here. Not the photos themselves, nor the two ways we integrated John’s Flickr stream with his site, but the pic posting workflow: the laborious and unglamorous task of getting your photos online. This should prove useful to anyone who posts to both Flickr & Facebook.

In John’s case, we need to cross-post his pics to Flickr, Facebook and MySpace. You could do this by using a Flickr badge or any number of plugins instead of actually posting to Facebook Photos or MySpace Pics, and in the case of MySpace, this may not be a bad idea. But IMO, one of the best features of Facebook is the ability to tag photos.

When you “tag” someone in a Facebook photo, that friend gets an email alert, and who doesn’t know the thrill of getting the “[Your Friend] tagged a photo of you on Facebook” email? Most people are going to click that link to see what they look like in your photo, and there’s a good chance they’ll stick around to look at your other photos. This is social media.

Flickr2Facebook: Unofficial Flickr to Facebook Uploader

So we need to post the same photos to Flickr and Facebook, right? Sort of. Flickr is where you store your photos, but not necessarily where you showcase them. Some people move their pics directly from digital camera to Flickr, and you can choose to show only a subset of your photostream on your other sites. Also, a Flickr pro account lets you store your original photo, which is often too large for viewing on-screen. This would be overkill for Facebook, so you really only need to upload the medium size that Flickr shows by default.

We’ll semi-automate this process using Flickr2Facebook, a bookmarklet that you add to your browser. When you’re on the Flickr page of an image you want to upload to Facebook, you click the bookmarklet and then click this logo that appears over the image:


You may have to click “Login”, and then you can give the image a caption and add it to one of your Facebook albums. You can’t create an album here, so you’ll want to create it first in Facebook. By default, Flickr2Facebook uses your title as the caption, so you may not have to change a thing — I prefer to use my Flickr description for this, as it usually works better as a caption, so I just copy & paste it beforehand.

Once you click an album, you are taken there to approve the photo. If you’re uploading multiple photos, just go back to Flickr and repeat until all your photos have been uploaded, then approve them all at once. Now go tag your photos.

Any other recommendations you want to add to the process? Any questions?