Build Guild, Bloomfield

I just posted this on Bloomfield Now:

When I first heard that a meet-up for web geeks was happening in Bloomfield, you can imagine my emotional response: I was pissed. I was disappointed that I hadn’t heard of the event until that day, and I already had plans. Luckily, that was just Build Guild Pittsburgh‘s first monthly event, so don’t get pissed at me because you didn’t hear about today’s meet-up until just now.

What is Build Guild?

According to their website, “Build Guild is a monthly event (Occurs the 2nd Wednesday of every month) where folks in the web industry—designers, coders, project managers, hobbyists, etc.—can get together to talk web, debate industry topics, share ideas, make professional connections, land gigs, and discuss the real reasons why mustaches need to make a comeback.”

The meet-ups happen at Silky’s Pub in Bloomfield, and are very informal. If you’re familiar with the like-minded group Refresh Pittsburgh, the crowd is very similar, and you’ll probably see a few of the same folks. However, unlike Refresh, which has scheduled speakers, the only speakers you’ll be listening to at the Guild are you and whomever you’re talking to — think Geek Night or OpenCoffee Club without recruiters or venture capitalists.

And it’s in Bloomfield, which is pretty cool, or at least geeky enough.

2nd Wednesday of Every Month
6:30 PM

Silky’s Pub
5135 Liberty Ave
Pittsburgh, PA 15224

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